What makes Bosan’s parts have loud level of sound, with plain plastic magnet?

Back in 1990s when its affiliated company – Yulrim Magnet – was supplying magnets to buzzer manufacturer in Korea, Structure of buzzers at that time was not understandable for us, because it was complicated and inefficient. Yulrim Magnet suggested to replace 3-4 parts into one unibody magnet to save those customer’s cost and time but all those attempts was ignored. And this is the beginning of Bosanhitech’s history.

Korean buzzer manufacturers in middle of 1990s were adopting buzzer’s structure led by Japanese competitors. And all the Japanese companies used isotropic Neodymium magnet to drive their buzzers. This Isotropic Neodymium magnet are superior in magnetic force per unit volume. But are not good in making complex structure. This was the point we focused and developed an unibody based buzzer with Anisotropic Ferrite magnet.

external link : the difference between the isotropic magnet and anisotropic magnet

materialIsotropic NeodymiumAnisotropic Ferrite
forming processbondedInjection molded
material costhigh, frustratingLow, stable
magnet flux per unit volume7,200 Gauss2,390 Gauss
complexity of designhardeasy
magnetic material volume used in a buzzer25 mm3150 mm3

As can be understood by above link and table, if the body of a buzzer is made of anisotropic Ferrite magnet, total magnetic force obtainable is higher by appr 2 times comparing to a buzzer that has isotropic Neodymium magnet inside.


A magnetic buzzer has more chance of having louder sound level, if it has stronger magnetic force inside. All of the magnetic buzzers Bosanhitech make have adopted this material / structure in order



to obtain high level of sound and stable level of component cost to comfort customers.(In 2017, the Chinese industry one-sidedly increased the price of neodymium magnet or halted its production, which was a massive blow to the industry, while Bosan Hitech was untouched and came out unaffected)

We will keep this technological improvement to be customer’s satisfaction all the time.


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